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Lofoten: +47 40 33 77 02 | Tromsø: +47 410 17 430


Camper Life in Norway

Travel guide for Northern Norway
Chasing the Northern Lights in a camper is maximizing your chances. Why? You need to be at the right time at the right spot. The camper keeps you mobile and flexible and you can stay at the right spot all night long. ... more

Our Rental Stations

Pick up your camper in Tromsø or Lofoten

You can pick up your camper at two locations in Norway. Tromsø or Leknes on the Lofoten Islands. We are also offering one-way rentals between this two camper rental stations.


Camper Rental in Norway

Travel Norway simple and independ in a camper van.

Arctic Campers is the first provider of Mini Camper vans in Northern Norway. We are located on the Lofoten Islands and in Tromsø. We rent out camper vans for every season. No matter what you are looking for - our campers will let you explore Norway on your own terms. Stay comfortably warm in the winter while chasing the Northern Lights and follow the clear skies. Get to your favourite remote ski location in Lofoten, Lyngen Alps or the Tromsø area. Discover the Arctic region in summer time all the way up to the North Cape (Nordkapp). Our campers are compact vans wich give you a high flexibility and an easy travelling compare to a big RV or Motorhome.