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Your Sauna by the Fjord

Find out all about the Sauna rental here: www.rentasauna.no

Covid times are tough! To not get completly bored with ourselves we started to build a portable trailer sauna. One idea we had for years, but there was never the time to realize. In cooperation with the guys from North & Beyond (Simon and Henning are both employes of Arctic Campers) we build a sauna, which can host up to 6 people and you can set it up everywhere you want. You can tow the sauna by yourself with one ouf our camper vans, or we will bring it to your spot.

What can be better as a hot Sauna with Northern Lights or an amazing view towards the Fjord. The sauna has an 16,5 kw Harvia wood-burning stove, a 35 liter hot water boiler and bluetooth speakers. The porthole from an old ship, as two big windows gives you an great view into the nature. The wooden ceiling is curved and creates a spaciously feeling. 

If you are in the Tromsø area and you would like to heat up in our "Porthole" Sauna, just give us a call or visit our website www.rentasauna.no. We will provide you with towels, firewood and enough fresh water. If you like we can also fire it up for you and give you a short introduction.

Check out the North & Beyond episode - they filmed the whole process of building and getting the wood stove from the motherland of Sauna - Finland!