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The Northern Light Show is on!

Chasing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is an experience of a lifetime, and there's no better year than this one to embark on this adventure. We're entering a peak period, which comes every 9 to 11 years, where the sky dances with colors more vividly than ever. And guess what? Our camper vans at Arctic Campers are your ideal companions for this celestial show in Northern Norway.

Why a Camper Van for Aurora Hunting?

Flexibility is the key to witnessing the Northern Lights, and our camper vans offer just that. With the ability to chase the clear skies needed for Aurora viewing, you're not fixed to one location. You follow the good weather, and with Northern Norway's diligent snow clearing, the roads are accessible 24/7.

Winter-Ready Vans for a Warm Experience

We at Arctic Campers are celebrating 10 years of expertise in providing winter-ready camper vans. Our vehicles are equipped to handle the Arctic conditions, ensuring your comfort and safety as you pursue the Northern Lights.

Fjord vs. Inland Camping

The majestic fjords of Northern Norway not only provide breathtaking views but also offer milder temperatures. While the inland can plummet to -25 Celsius, by the fjord, you'll enjoy a more comfortable average of -2 Celsius. This means you can spend more time admiring the Northern Lights without the extreme chill.

Arctic Campers Aurora Forecast

Planning is crucial, and our Aurora forecast tool is designed to enhance your chasing experience. It gives you a 3-day outlook on where the skies are likely to be clear and how strong the Aurora will be. This handy guide ensures that you're always in the right place at the right time.

Check out our Northern Lights Forecast for Norhtern Norway!

Expert Advice on the Go

When you pick up your camper van, you're not just handed the keys; you're given a treasure trove of information. Our staff, many of whom have been Northern Lights guides in the Norwegian tourism industry, will provide you with tips on winter camping and how to successfully find the Northern Lights.

So, are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in Tromsø and beyond? Our Northern Lights experts and top-notch camper vans are waiting for you. Let's make those dreams of dancing lights and starlit nights a reality. For more information, visit us at Arctic Campers and let the chase begin!

Remember to keep an eye out for those clear nights and book your camper van early! The Northern Lights won't wait, but we at Arctic Campers are always ready to help you embark on this magical journey.