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Winter Hike Kvalvika Beach

Visiting Lofoten is definitely a great experience. But to add this certain unforgettable moment you should consider to hike into the isolated bay of Kvalvika. It’s a promise, you will always remember this place and you might visit it more then once.

Kvalvika is absolutely mind blowing in the summer time. Strong green hills, steep cliffs, turquoise waters and when the tide is out you find a huge sandy beach. In the Winter Kvalvika is increasing its adventures level, not just that your chances are much higher to have it all to your own. Dramatic light, iced waterfalls and heavy waves give you the little extra thrill.

Kvalvika Beach

If you search a bit in the dunes you will find a driftwood hut, which is build by two Norwegian surfers living here for a year in 2011. You can stay in the hut for the night or just prepare some food. It is always open and pretty cozy. When we are spending to much time in our garage and we need some serious nature time, Kvalvika is always the first option. Doesn’t matter what time in the year – this hike gives you the needed super-charge.  


Kvalvika is located in the municipality of Flakstad. If you are coming from Ramberg or Reine take the small road off the E10 towards Fredvang. After you have passed the two bridges you have to take the turn left to the direction of Selfjord. Passing the village of Fredvang you continue driving about 2,5 Kilometers. In the second turn you find a parking space on the left hand side. Park here, the hike starts just on the opposite side of the road.

Kvalvika hike Kvalvika Beach


If the heavy storms of the last weeks have not taken the sign you will find it just on the opposiet site of where you parked the car. The trail starts here and it is easy to follow. If there are no steps in the snow you just walk up the hill. Contiue hiking towards the opening between the two mountains. On your way down into the Kvalivka bay you should be careful at the end. Sometimes it is a bit tought to walk on the stones when there is ice or snow on top. But Kvalivka will pay you back with its amazing scenery.


If you search a bit in the dunes you might find a cabin, which looks like a hobbit house. A round entrance door, a barrel as oven and two beds will give you some comfort time, if you want to stay for a night. The cabin is always open and it is free of use. Just leave the cabin clean and don't forget to write about your visit in the guest book. 


In winter the parking where you will start the hike to Kvalvika Beach is a great option to stay for the night. You have even fresh water from the small river on the side, if it is not completly frozen. Also the traffic on the road is very little. In the summer the place will be to crowded to camp here, but there are also several possibiltis in the region to camp wild if you continue driving the road towards Selfjord.