Kvalsund by Tromsø

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This wild camper spot is about 35 minutes drive from our rental office in Tromsø. Maybe on of the best wild camp places in the area. We are visiting this camp spot often when we have an Arctic Campers beer tasting evening. One reason is the amazing view into the Fjord and the open seas. If the sun is shining you will have her for a long time until she will disapear behind the mountain. You will find a lot of fire wood down on the shore. Another plus on this spot is the little amount of cars passing, since the road is a dead end.

If you are here by the end of July or early August you will find a blueberry eldorado all the way down to the coast and up the mountain behind the road. Also some cloudberries can be picked, depending of the years climate.


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Fv66, 9131 Kårvik, Norway
2.4° C.
Cloudiness: 94.3%
Wind Speed: 1.3 m/s
In 24 Hours
1.9° C.
Cloudiness: 34.7%
Wind Speed: 3.4 m/s

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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  • When we camped at this spot in August 2020 (according to the map we were just in the same spot as described), people approached us and told us that this was their property. They still were friendly and let us camp there, but they said that they prefer their kids not to play in campers' trash. So if you camp there, please don't leave anything behind.

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