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One-Way offers

One-way rentals without relocation fee

Here you will find all One-Way offers which can be booked without the relocation fee. If you are interested in such a rental, please fill out this quotation sheet and we will get back to you. Make sure you enter the requested time, locations and camper type as seen below.

  Pick-up date from    Drop-off date latest    Pick-up location    Drop-off location    Camper type  Rental Discount
29.06.201801.07.2018TromsøLofotenCabin Camper25%
20.7.2018-TromsøLofotenComfort Camper Automatic-
24.8.201801.09.2018TromsøOsloCabin Camper 4x425%
11.09. - 14.09.2018-TromsøOsloCabin Camper 4x4-
16.09.2018-LofotenTromsøBasic Camper-
25.09.2018-LofotenTromsøComfort Camper15%
25.09.2018-LofotenTromsøComfort Camper Automatic15%
25.09.2018-LofotenTromsøCabin Camper15%