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Do I have to pay a security deposit when I pick up my camper?

Yes. Arctic Campers takes two different deposits as one payment when you pick up your vehicle at our rental station. A damage deposit that is covering your self risk fee for a possible claim in your rental period. The amount of this deposit is always the self risk fee of the insurance you booked with us. (See below for the amounts to pay according to your booked insurance). If no claim emerges in your rental period the deposit will be returned 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. Arctic Campers takes with the same payment a second deposit of 1.000 NOK. This deposit will cover occurring parking fines, unpaid parking fees, speeding fines and ferry crossings. The rest of the parking deposit returnes with the damage deposit 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. If your fees are exceeding the parking deposit we will deduct the costs from your damage deposit or you need to pay the rest by payment link.

You need to pay the deposit by card only (credit or debit are acceptable) at our rental station before your hire starts. Both deposits will be taken as a charge, not as an authorised hold. Arctic Campers charges and refunds the deposit in Norsk krone (NOK) and is not responsible for differences in the currency exchange rate during time of deposit. We recommend to use the same card for your deposit and the rental fee payment - if possible. Please make sure your card has sufficient funds upon pick-up.

(Changed 01.01.2023)

When will be the deposit returned?

Both deposits will be returned, if no claim emerges, 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. The transfer time back to your card can take 1-5 days. (Changed 01.01.2023)

How much will be the amount for my deposit payment?

It is depending on the category of vehicle and the kind of insurance you booked with us, here is an overview:

Camper Van 
CDW16.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
SCDW7.500 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Travel Safe2.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
CDW20.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
SCDW10.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Travel Safe5.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Basic Insurance12.500 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Premium Insurance2.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Full Cover Inurance1.000 NOK