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Payment / Deposit / Cancelation

From our terms and conditions:


3.1. The vehicle rent must be paid by credit card. No other forms of payment are accepted.
3.1.1. We accept credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JBC, American Express and Diners


3.2. Deposit on arrival. When picking up you camper, you will have to do a deposit payment. The deposit has to cover your self risk fee.
3.2.1. Additional cost: All expected und unexpected costs and charges during the rental period including extra insurance, damages, repairs, tolls, tank refill, parking tickets or speeding tickets
3.2.2. Deposit return. The deposit will be credited back to your card 10 days after your camper return. If any aditional costs have to be withhold, the remaining amount will be returned by money transfer after the incedent is cleared.


3.3. Cancellation: A cancellation has to be send by email to rental@arcticcampers.no.
3.4. Cancellation fees: A cancellation fee will be charged to the drivers credit card. The minimum cancellation fee is 1.500,- NOK and will be charged with any cancellation. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the date of cancellation (days prior to the beginning of the rental) and graduates as follow.
28 to 22 Days = 50% of total amount of the rental
21 to 15 Days = 75% of total amount of the rental
14 or less = 100% of total amount of the rental