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CDW insurance

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Every camper we offer includes an insurance called CDW. If anything happens, you might have to pay up to 16.000 NOK per incendent, camper vans with a toilet & shower up to 20.000 NOK.

You can choose extra insurance to lower these costs. One is SCDW, which lowers your cost to 7.500 NOK, or 10.000 NOK for campers with a toilet & shower. The other is Travel Safe CDW. This lowers your cost to just 2.000 NOK, or 5.000 NOK for campers with a toilet & shower.

If you choose the SCDW or Travel Safe CDW, you also get 24/7 help if your camper breaks down on the road, at no extra cost. With just the basic CDW insurance, you'd need to pay 900 NOK each time you need roadside help.

The self-risk fee also serves as your deposit and will be taken as a payment at pick-up.