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Films & Videos

Over the time we got many travel films and short movies from our camper guests. Showing their camper trip in the beautiful nature of Norway. For sure they are to good to hidde them. Turn off the lights, put up your speakers and have fun watching:

Amazing drone video from Lofoten & Senja

Video by Manuel Meurisse in winter (September 2017)

Check out this amazing drone video from Lofoten & Senja, filmed by our camper guest Manuel. He spent two weeks cruising the islands in an Aurora Dome Camper.

Kari explains her Aurora Dome Camper

Video by Kari Schibevaag in winter (December 2017)

7 times Kitesurf World Champion Kari Schibevaag explores Northern Norway in Winter.

Swiming with whales

Video by Kari Schibevaag in winter (December 2017)

Kari is a truly adventures girl. She was out in the Fjord with her SUP to swim with Orcas up in Skjevøy. She spent two weeks in our camper chasing whales and Northern Lights.

Out with the Aurora Dome Camper

Video by Chicco Mattos in winter (November 2017)

The Brazilian wildlife photographer Chicco Mattos filmed the Aurora Borealis in Northern Troms and Finnmark with one of our Aurora Domes Campers. He sent us this little movie about the advantage to chase the Northern Lights in a camper van.

Cabin Camper in action

Video by Manuel Meurisse in Off-Season (September 2017)

This video has been done by Manuel and Kertu on their camper trip in autumn 2017. They visited Lofoten and Senja with the Aurora Dome Camper for 2 weeks. Not one day of rain and they had experienced almost every night Northern Lights.


Arctic Campers Promo Video (2014)

This promo was made by us in 2014. Our ukulele song is still a burner :)