Botnhamn - Brensholmen Ferry

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Accessibility: summer

This is the pier for the car and passenger ferry from Botnhamn to Brensholmen. This connection between Tromsø and Senja is only active in the summer time. Check the ferry timetable if this route is active. You do not have to make a reservation before hand, you buy your ticket on the ferry. Be early on weekends due high traffic by locals. You will also find a public toilet at the ferry pier.

You can find the ferry timetable on this website.

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Rv862 2550, 9373 Botnhamn, Norway
14.9° C.
Cloudiness: 2.1%
Wind Speed: 3.8 m/s
In 24 Hours
19.5° C.
Cloudiness: 2.9%
Wind Speed: 1.7 m/s

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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