Ersfjord Senja

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This camp spot belongs to the Top 10. Suited right at the beach of Ersfjord in the dunes. With a great view towards the iconic cliffs of Senja. You are surrounded by big mountains and waterfalls. 3 minutes walk to toilets and garbage cans. This place is also very popular by locals. You should arrive early in the day to get a good spot in summer. You will find several fireplaces if you just go up the dunes.

  • Beach
  • Amazing view
  • Toilets and garbage cans
  • 3G Internet
  • Northern Lights


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Rv862, 9385 Skaland, Norway

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  • Best spot ever! We have been here last summer. 21 Celsius, a short swim in the sea and an amazing barbecue in the dunes!
    Christian - 04.07.2017
  • Absolutely amazing. Beautiful place with great views for the Northern lights. We went in December and the parking was not clear from snow, and the toilets were locked. Still, amazing roads, outstanding views. Worth the effort.
    Dani - 16.12.2017
  • Really nice place with a great view, but toilets are closed in winter (at least in february).Still worth going there though, even if we did not stay!
    Nicolas P - 10.02.2019
  • We stayed here in October and experienced the most spectacular display of the northern lights!

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