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Northern Lights Spot

Wild Campsite

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This place is amazing for spotting the Northern Lights, or the midnight sun. You look straight towards North and in the background you have the dramatic cliffs of the bird-rock Nord-Fugløy. It will take you 3 minutes do go down to the rocky coast line, if you go towards right you can fish from the big rocks. Cars are passing by every now and then. The traffic is getting a bit busy in the morning when the first ferry is about to leave from the island. On the other side of the road you have several windmills.

When I spent the night on this spot I had a visit from a lonely reindeer and many other animal tracks in the snow caught my attention. Seems to be a good place to spot wildlife.

If you are planing to visit this place you need to take the ferry from Hansnes, check out the ferry time table here.

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Fv305 62, 9135 Vannvåg, Norway
-2.9° C.
Cloudiness: 95.4%
Wind Speed: 3.2 m/s
Sunrise: 06:44
Sunset: 18:52
In 24 Hours
-1.7° C.
Cloudiness: 99.7%
Wind Speed: 13.1 m/s
Sunrise: 06:39
Sunset: 18:56

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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