Finnmarksvidda - Finnmark

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Wild Campsite

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Accessibility: summer

Location added by our camper guest Thomas: "Close to the road, and river. Wc and tables. You can spend the night (half wild :-) )"

This camp spot is located between the Norwagian Sami capital Karasjok and Sami culture capital Kautokeino. The region is very well know for the sled dog race "Finnmarksløpet" in the winter.

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69.43139519042482, 24.806442260742188
-10.8° C.
Cloudiness: 99.6%
Wind Speed: 2.7 m/s
In 24 Hours
-12.3° C.
Cloudiness: 100.0%
Wind Speed: 4.3 m/s

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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