Guolasjávri - Kåfjord Troms

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Wild Campsite

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Accessibility: summer

This wild campsite is along the very view highland-roads in Northern Norway. You will stay approximately 810 meter above sea level in a scraggy but beautiful landscape. The only people up here are reindeer herders on their ATVs and very little tourists. It is only accessible in the summer time (from late June) and we recommend to go with a 4x4 camper. You might be able to visit with a 2-wheel drive if you are a good driver. You will have a great view over the lake Guolasjávri and towards the mountain Halti. With 1,365 m the highest mountain of Finland. The Finnish boarder is only some Kilometers away. The nature up here is pretty unique and on your way up here you will pass several waterfalls, old mining areas and the canyon bridge of Gorsabrua.  The fire place is just some meters away from the camp. And some meters down the road a small river will provide you with fresh water. Beware up here are no trees, so firewood or coal have to be taken from further down. You will find also a more sheltered camp spot if you continue the road some hundred meters. Maybe a good idea if it might be windy. When we spent the night here last time, we arrived by 6 degrees Celsius in the evening and woke up in the morning by 1 degree Celsius and snow fall. But that was already in the beginning of September. If the sky is clear you should consider the hike onto the Halti. The starting point for this hike is at the end of the road and also described here in our guide. Since this spot is off the main roads, you will be able to encounter total silence. A very peaceful place to visit.

If you are planing to fish in the lake you need to buy a fishing card down in the valley. Just ask in the Joker shop in Kåfjord.

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