Hatteng Troms

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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Accessibility: all year

This place is very popular by truck drivers and caravans. In summer you can escape a bit by driving down to the beach. In winter the parking area will be cleaned from snow. The public toilets are open all year around. They are cleaned and provide warm water all year around. This place is great for chasing the Northern Lights, if you are not planning to take pictures. For taking photos the surrounding street lights will give you some disturbance. But you have a good view towards all points of the compass.

  • Cleaned toilets with warm water
  • Northern Lights spot
  • Maintained parking area (snow cleaned away)
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E6 1610, 9046 Oteren, Norway

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  • Good place with heated toilets and warm water, next to the lake. Next to the road and clear from snow in December!
    Dani - 16.12.2017

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