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When you are going to Lofoten from Tromsø in Winter, this wild camp spot is great to sleep the first night. It is about 4 hours drive away from our camper rental station in Tromsø. You can stay on a parking, which is right beside the lake Storvollvatnet. Since this place is also used by trucks and others, it is cleaned from snow in winter times. Also the temperatures on this place in winter are often moderate. If you continue driving towards Lofoten you will climb up to higher altitude with inlands climate. That might bring colder temperatures and it is a good reason to use this place for a Winter - "one night stand" camp.

Not far from this parking, the Kvitbjørn disaster occurred on 28 August 1947. A "flying boat" (Short Sandringham) aircraft with 35 pass angers hit a mountain in heavy fog.  This crash marking the deadliest in Norwegian aviation at that time. Read more about it here. You will also find information on a whiteboard, right at the parking.

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E10, 8410 Lødingen, Norway

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  • This was a good recommendation. We didn’t find any signs that forbid sleeping overnight.
    Hendrik - 06.01.2022

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