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Accessibility: summer

This wild camp spot is special. We have been here two times and we made amazing discoveries. You drive off the E45 towards Ritsem. After 25 minutes you take off the main road on to an unpaved small dirt track. Now you should follow your GPS or phone until you come to this place. Drive gentle its a rental ;) and some parts of the road are a bit uneven, but ok to drive.

If you park the van at the end of the road and you walk up the woods towards the lake (South), you will encounter many burned trees. Those trees must have been hit by lightning. We are assuming the area is having a lot of thunder storms in the summer, since the area is know for its changing weather. We found a video (link) of such a tree, it is burning from the inside, that is also what you will find on many trees in that forest.

Around midnight and after several beers - we saw a wolverine passing the camp space - those sightings are very rare. At our last visit, in spring, we went down to the lake for fishing and found a strange ice formation on the melting lake ice. You can see it on this video here

Of course you might not be here when the wolverine is passing or the ice is melting, but this place will have for sure something special waiting for you. You will be alone with nature. We already decided - will come back next time we relocated a camper van.

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Unnamed Road, 982 60 Porjus, Sweden

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