Olderdalen - Lyngseidet Ferry

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If you are coming from the North and want to skip driving all the way around Kåfjord you can take this ferry. It saves you up to 2 hours of driving if Tromsø is you destination. You should also take this ferry if you are about to visit the Lyngen Alps. In that case you only need to buy a ticket for Olderdalen - Lyngseidet. You do not have to stay in the car. Check out the small Cafe in the basement of the ferry.

If you download the app TFT Mobillett to your tablte or smart phone you can buy a tickt online. Do this right before you go onto the ferry. Otherwise you can also buy a ticket on board. You can buy a ticket for both ferries in this case Olderdalen - Lyngseidet & Svensby - Breivikeidet. Ticket called From: Olderdalen To: Breivikeidet.

Find the ferry timetable on this website.

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Rv91 1300, 9146 Olderdalen, Norway

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