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Wild Campsite

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Sweden at it's best. This wild camp spot is 300 meters away from the main road E45. You drive a small way towards the lake and you come to a quite large place with several fire places. At the end you also find a small float for fishing. You have a great access to the lake for fishing and swimming. We have been visited in the evening and morning by a flock of reindeers. A year before we encountered a bear between here and Sveg. So you can expect some wildlife action in this area.

It should be mentioned that at this place the famous "stone smashed garlic" method has been invented. It added the right taste to our barbecue. This tradition should be contiuned by you, if you are visiting. So do not forget to bring some cloves of garlic wit you and you will find the right tools to smash it - right by the lake.

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Europaväg 45, 840 90 Ytterhogdal, Sweden

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