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Wild Campsite

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Accessibility: summer

If you like to fall asleep with the sound of small river, this wild camp spot might be the chance. You can a park the camper some meters from the not busy road. Just some steps down you will come to a river. If you walk a bit more up stream you will encounter a waterfall. We also encountered some mosquitos here, but the weather was warm and almost no wind - thats when they show up.

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Fv45 1208, 3880 Dalen, Norway
-19.9° C.
Cloudiness: 100.0%
Wind Speed: 1.7 m/s
In 24 Hours
-12.4° C.
Cloudiness: 99.2%
Wind Speed: 1.3 m/s

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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