Shopping in Kilpisjärvi (Kilpishalli)

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Grocery Store

Liquor Store, Petrol Station, Restaurant & Cafe

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On weekends this place is heavily crowded by Norwegians buying alcohol, meat and sweets. Everything is a little cheaper as in Norway. The K-Market is having a great selection of fresh food and meat. You can buy spirits or wine in the Alko shop, which is the Finnish version of Vinmonopolet. Remember that this place is already in Finland. You pay in Euros and don't forget that Finland has a different times zone, it is always 1 hour later here :). Beside the shopping center you will also find a restaurant and a petrol station. (Petrol/Diesel is also cheaper in Finland as in Norway) You will also find some funny products here, for example the secret ingredient of the Finnish beauty - Tar Shampoo. You will be pretty clean, but smell like a old chimney. Of course we had to try it.

  • Grocery Store
  • Liquor store
  • Restaurant
  • Petrol station

Here you will find the opening times for the grocery store.

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Käsivarrentie 14203, 99490 Enontekiö, Finland

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