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It is what it is - a parking lot beside the E6. But if you walk down towards the sea you will find a nice area to make a camp fire. We listed that spot because it is perfect to chase the Northern Lights if you do not want to stay on a camping. You have a good view towards north and the Lyngen Alps. No rest light in the surrounding, which will take the intensity of the Northern Lights. Also the mountains of the Lyngen Alps in the back will give your Aurora pictures a great look. In the summer their is also a simple toilet, we do not know if it is open in winter time. Not far away is also a petrol station with a toilet and a burger restaurant.

  • Great view towards North (Northern Lights)
  • Toilet in summer
  • close to petrol station
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E6 141, 9143 Skibotn, Norway

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  • Nice place to stay! It is dark enough for watching the northern lights,but next to the road!No toilet in winter,but great view and the Gas Station is about 3minutes away.
  • This place was the nearest place we could get to from Tromsø which seemed to have relatively clear skies.We saw incredible auroras here on the night of the 22-23 Dec 22. It is next to the road, but the cars are not very frequent and I’ve read that you can walk down onto the beach to get away from that occasional disruption (I wish we realise that at the time!). Would recommend for self-driven aurora chasers based in Tromsø (please be very careful of the driving conditions in winter).
    Maxim - 25.12.2022

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