Sommarøy - Troms

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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Accessibility: all year

Location added by our camper guest Thomas: "Sea, islands and mountains view - Small parking, with toilets, on the right side of the road just before sommarøya bridge. You can park just in front of the sea :-)."

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Brensholmvegen 520, 9118 Brensholmen, Norway
0.7° C.
Cloudiness: 0.3%
Wind Speed: 5.3 m/s
Sunrise: 04:08
Sunset: 21:28
In 24 Hours
3.9° C.
Cloudiness: 100.0%
Wind Speed: 7.0 m/s
Sunrise: 04:03
Sunset: 21:32

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

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