Straumsfjord Troms

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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Accessibility: all year

If you are chasing the Northern Lights, this wild camp spot is a good option close to Tromsø. Not far but already out of the disturbing city lights. You can park beside the road 54 at a car park. The snowplow is cleaning it daily, he might also wake you up in the mornings with its noisy scraping. You have a great view towards the mountainous ridge and the sea. If the Aurora Borealis is showing up, the surrounding will give you a great setting for photos. In the summer time the road is much more busy and it might not be the most cozy spot to camp.

  • Parking to camp
  • Accessible in winter
  • 45 minutes driving from Tromsø
  • Amazing surrounding.
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Leirstrandvegen 445, 9106 Straumsbukta, Norway

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