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Aurora Dome Camper

The Tromsø area is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. Until now all of our camper guests who came to hunt the Aurora Borealis have been successful. This success is also because of the possibilities you have with a camper van. You can move your "Hotel" to where the sky is clear and no artificial light is disturbing your view. You stay where the Northern Lights will happen. 

Aurora Dome Norway

Build for successful Northern Lights chase

We were thinking: how can we make an Aurora Borealis trip so far North even more successful, exiting and comfortable? With some years working as a Northern Lights guides we know what is needed and can make your trip perfect. We came up with the Aurora Dome. A 43 cm big plexiglass dome on top of a Cabin Camper. The advantages you will have are simple to explain:

  • Stay in the warm camper to check for Northern Lights activity outside
  • You have the full 360 degree view towards the sky
  • Getting to cold outside to watch the Aurora for long? Just continue from the inside.
  • Sleeping under the Aurora and the night sky.

Find out more about the dome underneath the photos.

Aurora Camper Norway

1.) Stay in the warm camper to check for Northern Lights activity

When you are looking for Northern Lights you should be so often outside as possible looking out for Aurora activity. With the dome you can skip the part of putting cloths on and leaving the van to search the sky. That is a great advantage because you might have to do that maybe 20 times a night. The Northern Lights season in Norway will be mostly windy and cold. In winter you might face -10 Celsius outside or even less. So simple, turn the lights off in the van, stick your head into the dome and scan the night sky for Northern Lights activity. If nothing is going on-  just continue reading your book and enjoy a cup of tea.

Northern Lights Dome

2.) You have the full 360 degree view towards the sky

Yes, you could also just look through a window, but you might miss the Aurora which is just happening above you. If you are as far north as we are in Lofoten and Tromsø, Northern Lights can happen in every direction of the sky. The Aurora Dome give you a full 360 degree view on the night sky. With a dome you can be sure you´ve checked every angel above you for activity.

Northern Lights Dome Camper

3.) Getting too cold outside to watch the Aurora for long? Just continue from the inside.

Sometimes you have Northern Lights almost all night long. Of course after you spotted them you will go outside to enjoy the real experience. But nobody will stay in the cold forever. You will go inside with the feeling "Oh no I will miss something". The dome is the best way to continue your Northern Lights theater. Just grab a warm drink and continue your Aurora watch at  +20°C  from the inside.

Camper van rental Northern Lights

4.) Sleeping under the Aurora and the night sky.

Is there anything greater to fall asleep with the view towards the stars? The dome is placed right above your pillow. You will have a straight view from your bed into the sky. The dome has its own heat pipe and will stay ice and condense free. 

Sleep under the Northern Lights

Watch the video

The brazilien wildlife photographer Chicco Mattos rented in November 2017 the Aurora Dome Camper. He was chasing the Aurora Borealis in the Northern Norwagian wilderness for the TV show he is producing. Chicco sent us a short film about his experince he made while he was with the camper on his Polar Lights chase.

Our Aurora Dome Camper is ready to book:

The Aurora Dome Camper is only available at our Tromsø rental station. The rental price per day is 1.590 kr. The camper will come with a kitchen (stove, fridge, sink, pots and pans etc.), a large bed (150cm x 200cm), 2kW Diesel parking heater, WiFi internet connection, additional battery,  unlimited mileage, USB ports and spiked winter tires. The camper has sleeping & sitting space for up to 3 passengers. The dome has an own heater pipe to keep it ice and condense free. You can find out more about the camper on this page. If you also need a detailed instruction, how actually a successfully Aurora hunt works, check out our blog: Aurora Hunting


Milky way in Lofoten