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Chasing the Aurora in a camper van

Chasing the Northern Lights successfully is not as hard as you may think. All you need is the right frame work and some luck. Chasing the Lights with a camper van is providing you with this frame work perfectly. Let me explain why.


Right time - Right spot

Two things are elementary for spotting the Aurora: The activity of the Northern Lights and a clear sky. With a camper you can get to regions which are showing a good weather forecast. The fact that you can sleep in your vehicle, gives you no time limit and you will be their when the Aurora happens.

Photo taken by our guest Christian Gehring | Mainone.ch


Patience is a goodness

Waiting and observing the sky. That´s something you will do quite often when you chase the lights. In an Arctic Camper you can do that in a pretty comfortable way. Crank up the parking heater and surf in the web or brew a fresh coffee, while waiting for the lights. You can even sleep in your own bed while your travel partner is observing the night sky.

Photo Alex Conu | Alex Conu Photography


Little light pollution

To get the full experience of the Aurora Borealis you´ll need a location with as little light pollution as possible. City and street lights are disturbing a clear view towards the sky. Also taking pictures of the Northern Lights becomes more difficult. We set up a camper guide, showing the best Northern Lights spots in the region. The guide is also letting you know the current weather for this location and the Northern Lights activity. All you need is a mobile device; all Arctic Camper have onboard WiFi. The guide also provides you with open camping places, toilets, shops, POI and so on. Check out our guide.

With a sense for adventure

Chasing the Aurora with a camper van in winter is fun and also a little adventurous. You have the chance to experience the Arctic region out of tourism season. Four-wheel-drive and spiked tires will give you a good grip on icy roads. Weather updates and Aurora forecast can be checked with the onboard wifi. And the most important - the parking heater keeps you warm and happy, no matter where you´ll stay at night.

The best time for a successfully Northern Light road trip is from September until the beginning of April. If you have any questions, let us know :)