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The right to roam in Norway

It is not just the amazing nature in Norway, that makes a camper trip so unique. The so called allemannsrett (translated: the everyman's right) (Wikipedia Link) gives you in Norway the freedom to roam. You can park your camper van for the night where ever you like.

There are still some points for you to be aware of:

  1. Park your camper at least 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited building.
  2. From 15th of April to the 15th of September campfires are not allowed in forest areas.
  3. You can only stay 24 hours on one spot. If you want to stay longer you have to ask for permission by the owner.
  4. Do not block any roads or entrances.
  5. Do not leave any garbage behind.
  6. Farm land should only be crossed when covered with snow.
  7. Respect "no parking" or "no camping" signs.


Freedom to roam in Norway

The relaxing way of traveling

This right to roam is giving your camper road trip a really relaxing element. No need to hurry finding an open camp site before the night comes. You´ll save some serious cash by not paying for a camp site (150 kr. - 250 kr. per night). But the biggest benefit of this freedom: You can stand alone with your camper van in the nature. You will be on a par with the wildlife and get your own private panorama view. Also: the parking heater does not have to be connected to anything, which makes wild camping really comfortable in cold nights and enables also winter camping. (More details here).

Wild camp spot guide

You will find very often already made and used fire places on wild camp spots. You can look out for your own spots to stay for the night. If you are not sure, Arctic Campers created a guide (Guide Link) with over 100 wild camp-site recommendations in Norway. Some can be used in all seasons, most of them only in summer, when there is no snow or ice.

Camping guide for Norway

Good to know

Fishing rights

If you are close to the ocean and you want to fish from the shore line, you are good to go. No permission is needed. You will have a big chance to catch your dinner! Make sure you only keep the fish which is above the minimum size. You can find all information about and sizes for every species of fish here (External Link). If you want to fish in a fresh water lake or river, you need a permission and buy a so called "fiskekort". To find out, you should ask in the closest grocery store. You will find also more information about here (External Link).


You can swim in all lakes, rivers or in the sea, with the exception of lakes that are drinking water reservoirs. Most likley you will find a sign marking drinking water reservoirs at the beginning or end of a lake close to the road. We have also marked some good places to go for a swim on our guide.

Picking berries

Picking berries in Norway is a popular sport. You will meet in late summer and autumn many Norwegians coming out of the nature with a bucket full of berries. Everybody has the right to pick berries and mushrooms in Norway. If you want to pick cloudberries (Wikipedia Link) you may encounter restrictions on privately owned land. Ask the owner or people around, before you start to pick.

Picking cloudberries in Norway

You want to give something back to mother nature?

The right to roam in Norway was one big reason for Mike and Henning to start up the camper rental Arctic Campers. To be able to stay in this amazing nature is just making every camping trip to an unique experience. To keep it that way, we would like to encourage you: Help us to free the Norwegian nature from garbage. Pick it up on your walks, hikes or when you hang out at the beach. Unfortunately you will find always something - somewhere. Take it with you, and for sure you will find a garbage bin in the next village to get rid of your picked waste.

Camping in a tent

The right to roam applies of course also for camping in a tent. It comes with the same rules to follow as written above. Do you know that you can also rent a 2 person tent from us? Perfect if you want to make a longer hike as just a day trip. We rent the tent with sleeping pads and you can also add sleeping bags to your booking.