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Tromsø - Senja - Lofoten

The Golden Circle Part II

If you missed the first part of this tour description click here. ← Golden Circle Part I

Returning from Husøy you follow the 862 towards Senjahopen. If you are into hiking and not afraid of heights you should consider to visit the top of the iconic mountain Segla. The hike starts in Fjordgård and takes you about 3.5 hours. The view into the Mefjord is impressive and photos taken on the trip up will be guaranteed breathtaking. Check out our guide for the Segla hike here (Blog link) or watch our Top View video giving you a idea what the top tour will be. If you want to find the start of the hike on our guide, have a look here (Guide Link)

If you skip the hike you can take pictures from the Fjord side (Guide Link). 

Beach life in Ersfjord Senja

When you have passed the Geitskartunnelen you´ll come to Ersfjord (Guide Link). Depending how busy this place is, you should stay for a night. The beach, the view into the Fjord and the great possibility to camp makes this place absolutly unique. If the sun shines and it is warm, you will totally forget that you are above the Arctic Circle. In May and June many waterfalls are purring down the mountains, transporting the melted ice into the sea. Either you park your camper on the beach side or towards the mountains. Walking up into the dunes you find plenty of possibilities to make a camp fire. Toilets can be found at the parking lot. If this place is too crowed and you want to have a more quite option, continue driving to the Steinfjord wild camp spot (Guide Link). 

Between those two camp spots is the view point of Tungeneset (guide link), which is spectacular with sunset or in Winter Aurora Borealis. Tungeneset is part of the National Tourist Way (link). You will find a walkway build out of wood in modern architecture style. It leads you to the view of the razor-sharp Okshornan peaks. The parking is not recommended to camp, since the road is going downward.


After you made it through the Steinfjordtunnelen consider to make a small detour, take the right (Fv251). It ends at the old fishing pier which have been refurbished. It became a culture gathering place called Kråkeslottet (external). Watch a short snippet (Youtube) from a concert at Kråkeslottet, also featured by the musician from Senja Moddi, in memory of Sam Coenegrachts.

If you search around a bit, you also find the small shack which is having an old rowing boat as a roof. It has been shown once on one of our favorite blogs "Cabin Porn" (external). It is the perfect place to read some Hemingway bestsellers or in Winter waiting for the Orcas to show up (Youtube).

By returning to the 862 you are able to refill your supplies at the shop in Skaland if needed. By leaving this Fjord you will drive up a switchback road passing the Bergsbotn platform, which is also part of the National Tourist Way (link). If it is not cloudy the great panorama of the Fjord is worth a photo. The plattform hangs several meters over a prong.

The secret of Mount Stormoa

Well, you have seen a lot of nice nature so far, now it is time for an Eraserhead (David Lynch) moment. Drive some minutes more up the mountain from the platform. Before you enter the Skaland tunnel park your camper. On the left side you will find a strange entrance (Guide Link), it looks like it is leading right into the mountain. Take a deep breath and walk into ... the rest stays with you!

Leaving Senja

If you made it out in one piece, take some time to get used to the day light again. After recovering continue driving towards Gryllefjord. From here take the ferry to Andenes (Guide Link). The ferry has little capacity, in peak season you might have dificulties to find a spot. Here is what our friend Øyvind the first mate of the Andenes - Senja ferry told us: "You should be in line at least 1-2 hours before in Andenes and 3-4 hours before in Gryllefjord if you want to make it on to the ferry!" When you are on the ferry - go on deck and watch out for some whale action. You have good chances to spot them, at least we did almost everytime we have been in this region.

... to be continued. The tour description "The Golden Circle Part III" will be online soon!

Meanwhile you can watch what is waiting for you in Andenes: