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The Aurora Chase

Yes, the Northern Lights season just kicked in. From the end of August until the beginning of April the Aurora Borealis is showing up quite regularly, here beyond the polar circle. The Tromsø region is well known as one of the best places to spot Northern Lights. Beside the summer season the winter became our second peak season for a good reason. Chasing the Aurora in a camper van is giving you the best opportunity to do a successful Northern Light trip. You can follow the good weather and you´ll stay outside under the night sky where the magic happens. You can even stay in the warm and spot them from the inside of the camper van.  

Segla under Northern Lights

Last year we came up with our Aurora Dome Camper. A camper van with a glass dome that will alow you to spot the lights from within the van with a 360 degree view. Just stick your head out into the dome and observe the sky for activity. The Aurora Dome Camper was a great success, many camper guest returned happy and with amazing Northern Lights pictures from their winter camper trip.

This year we came up with two new features to make the hunt for the lights in a camper van even better:


Stick you head out of the dome and check the Northern Lights activity. Read more about below the picture.

Aurora Dome Camper

Our brand new Aurora Dome Camper 4x4 Automatic gear. You get maximum in comfort and safety. The 4x4 drive and spiked tires will keep you on the road and the 2KW diesel parking heater will keep you warm and comfy. The dome will give you the chance to sleep with an view into the arctic night sky or under the Northern Lights.



The ultimate tool to help you spotting the Northern Lights. Read more below the picture.

Northern Lights Forecast for Norway


Beside our travel guide, we developed an Aurora Forecast tool. It gives you all information about the Northern Lights activity - now and for the following two days. Beside that the tool shows you where in Northern Norway, Finland or Sweden you can expect little overcast. Little cloudiness is an important ingredient to see the lights. Combined with our Camper Guide you can easily plan your trip and follow the clear skies. This guide and a camper van will increase your chances to the maximum to see the Aurora in its full beauty.

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Pictures taken by our camper guests: Chicco Mattos & Julien Dzuidzia

Features of the: AURORA DOME CAMPER 4x4 Automatic

  • 4wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
  • Spiked winter tires
  • Drive 3 Sleep 3 persons
  • 2 extra batteries & USB ports
  • Aurora Dome
  • 2kw Diesel parking heater
  • Kitchen
  • Indoor table & seats
  • Rear View Camera

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  • Nowcast with
    • Aurora Active: Yes or no
    • Visibilty
    • Intensity
    • Nowcast map
    • Live Aurora cam
  • 3 day Aurora forecast
    • KP index
    • KP index graphic indicator
  • 3 day sky overcast
    • Several guide locations 24 hours forecast
    • Link to guide locations
    • Graphic overcast indicators

Check out the tool here.