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The guide we were all waiting for.

„West Lofoten“ by Cody Duncan is the best written, most detailed, absolutely comprehensive hiking guide for the two most spectacular Lofoten islands. Ever. Every piece of information you´ll need to discover 24 hikes; nestling between stunning photos that will make you „Where is my Camper Van - I am going to book a flight to Leknes right now“.

*takes a deep breath* Here we go:

About the Author

Cody Duncan is a Lofoten enthusiast and professional photographer. After traveling back and forth to Lofoten for more than a decade he finally moved to - guess what - West Lofoten. Since then he is checking the weather forecast every 30 minutes, checking the light, taking notes, packing his gear and hits the mountains. All of them. All the time. He published his photos in National Geographic, Geo, Lonely Planet etc. etc. and his know how about hiking on West Lofoten in this guide.

About the guide

From the table of content: Map of West Lofoten, where to stay, how to get around, wild camping (allemansretten), water, mountain safety, dressing, camera gear, trail conditions, difficulty ratings, when to go, winter hiking, mountain huts etc. etc. And of course: Detailed descriptions of 24 spectacular hikes on the two most beautiful islands of Lofoten, Moskenesøy and Flakstadøy. Did I mention the photos? Get the guide from Codys website (68north.com) Bonus: Discount on this ebook with every booking for an Arctic Camper.

About life, the universe and everything

With this guide and a camper van you are ready to explore all the stunning hikes, views and impressions all by yourself. Fully independent, budget friendly and adventurous (if you don´t tell anybody that your van has a parking heater ;-))

P.S.: To the guy who ordered this ebook and thought it was about all inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic: There is a 30 day money back gaurantee. No questions asked.