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World's first electric camper rental?

We are now in our second year, running Arctic Campers up here in the North of Norway. Things are working out very well for us. This year we accomplished the milestone of setting up our Tromsø office  beside our rental station in Lofoten. One way rentals are now possible between this places and with Tromsø we managed to have another great location you can visit. So what is the next step for Arctic Campers? Growing bigger? Maybe. But actually there is something that hit both of us (Mike & Henning) when we came up with the idea.

We would like to offer with Arctic Campers an electrical driven Camper van in Lofoten in the summer of 2017. The challenge to set up this kind of project is big, but if not in Norway where else could this kind of idea succeed. Nowhere are so many electrical cars registered and the infrastructure for charging the cars is one of the best world wide. Also the costs for the electricity in Norway is extraordinary low. 0,40 kr. per kWh and most of the power comes from environmental friendly hydropower.

The E-Camper

Our rental statistic tells us, that our camper guests visiting Lofoten drive less then 90 km per day, which is in under the range of a common electrical van. Also the dramatic nature of Lofoten is making a good ambassador for environmental friendly driven cars. Maybe some of our guests are feeling inspired by testing out how it is to drive an electrical car and his or hers next vehicle might be an electrical one.
The next steps are developing the concept further and finding the right partners. We will document over the time our project here on our website. So you can follow us and feel free to contribute your ideas. In the future we trust ;)