Daudmannssundet Lofoten

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Wild Campsite

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Henningsværveien 51A, 8312 Henningsvær, Norway

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  • The morning sun is beautiful over there. At the parking in Henningsvaer is a public toilet.
  • The area was absolutely gorgeous, BUT the road was quite busy (summer season) and we sadly couldn’t find the camping spot. We did not feel like we could slow down to scout properly along the road because of the traffic, and there were no obvious road openings that we could see. It is possible that a car was parked in the opening, blocking it.After driving for most of the day we didn’t really feel like searching too much. All of the other camping spots were extremely easy to find, thanks guys! We ended up driving towards Kleppstad and found a nice spot on top of a hill to camp overnight.

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