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Wild Campsite

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A parking on the E45 from or towards Kautokeino. In winter this place is cleared of snow and you can stay away some meters from the main road. The back land, which is part of the Finnmarksvidda, is perfect for snowshoeing. You can walk all the way (east) to the edge of hills getting a great view onto the Eatnu river. In summer this place has also a simple toilet and benches with a fire place.

If you are to lazy in the morning to make breakfast, just continue driving some minutes towards south and you come to the shop / cafe of Masi. Read more about it here.

Check the temperatures of this place in winter before you decide to stay for the night. In this area it can become seriously cold and you might have problems to start the car on the next morning or to heat the camper to your comfort. If you encounter below -25 Celsius we recommend to drive to Alta to stay for the night.


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E45, 9525 Maze, Norway

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