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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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This camp spot is located on a puplic parking usded by skiers and hikers. It is close to Tromsø, but still far enough out to have a great possibilty for Northern Lights. No disdurbing light from the city. Also if you are just coming in late to Tromsø by airplane or you have to leave early, this spot is recommended. Takes you 10 minutes to the airport when little traffic. You can also take fresh water from the passing river.

  • Campo spot
  • Close to the airport
  • Fresh water from the river passing
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Rv863, 9100 Kvaløysletta, Norway

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  • Perfect for the first night before starting the trip. No facilities at all but perfect for the trip kick-off
    Dani - 16.12.2017
  • Very good spot if you have to bring back the camper in the morning. Free of snow in the winter (March)
  • Not good for tents - add from Arctic Campers: Hei Pawel - thanks for this comment. That is why we are a camper van rental company ;)
    Pawel - 17.07.2019

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