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The grocery shop at the end of Engvik is definitely the hot spot of Rebbenesøya. Here you will meet the locals. In the summer many people from Tromsø are coming with small boats. If the weather is fine they will have a beer on the pier or refuel the boat on the gas station. On the pier you will find also a water hose if your camper need a refill. The shop is open all year long and it is also the post office of the island. Maybe the smallest post office of Norway?

  • Cozy shop
  • Petrol station
  • Essential place of the island

Watch the TV report: Without Jonny the island would collapse!

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Fv302 20, 9140 Rebbenes, Norway

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  • We bought our tour supplies here before going for a hike. What a great guy running the shop. He told us all about the Island. We got kind of an idea how Norway was back in the days.
    Enzo - 14.07.2017

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