Helvetestinden Rebbenesøya

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Accessibility: summer

First of all, on this trip you are completely on your own. Not many people are running up this mountains. Especially not on an island of 46 inhabitants. If you follow the marked track all they way up you will summit several peaks until you reach the Helvetestinden. As Løkstind and Leituvfjellet. You have to pass several steep passages, but nothing very dramatic. You will be rewarded with an amazing view towards the island of Søfugløya in the Atlantic ocean. South you can see the mountains of Senja and in the East all the way to the Lyngen Alps. Half the way of this hike you will find a so called Gapahuk, a small open shelter where you can make fire and rest. The landscape around the Helvetestinden is peppered with hugh rocks, looking like fossilized faces of giants.

  • 5 hours hike
  • 674 meters above sea level
  • Steep parts on the way to the mountain top
  • Amazing view
  • Marked route & car park
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Fv302 3-23, 9140 Rebbenes, Norway

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