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Grocery Store

Petrol Station, Campsite

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When you come from Norway this is the first shop and Cafe / Restaurant you will pass. Many Norwegians come here to shop beer and meat. You have a great selection of different reindeer products. If you want to try some of it, you should go for the air dried reindeer meat. It is the gold of Lapland. You can also order some food in the Restaurant. Also here - reindeer is a good choice, at least last time I have ordered it. Before you go, have a look at the outdoor or "lumberjack" section of the shop. You will find definitely a usefull souvenir here.

To remind you, this shop is in Finnland and you can pay in Euros or with card. Finnland is in a different time zone and you have to count one hour on top of the Norwegian time.

This place is also offering camping space and showers.

Open from 10:00 - 20:00 o'clock all days.

The petrol station has open 24 hours with card payment.

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Ruijantie 2607, 99440 Enontekiö, Finland

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