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You want to explore Lofoten in a Kayak or by climbing - come to Lofoten Outdoor for courses and gear. Ole Christian is a very experienced guide. When he is not in Lofoten, he takes people to the Everest Base camp or skies the Finnmarksvidda. His company is located direct on the Reine Fjord. Perfect starting point to paddle over to the Bunes beach. In the last years Lofoten Outdoor also organized Kayak and Yoga combination courses, which have been very popular. Lofoten Outdoor is giving all Arctic Campers a 10% discount on their offered activities.

  • 10% discount for Arctic Campers
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Climbing
  • Stunning Reine Fjord
  • All year around open

Find out more at the webpage of Lofoten Outdoor.

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E10 2580, 8390 Reine, Norway

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