Måsvik Rebbenesøya

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Wild Campsite

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If you are looking for a really remote place and do not want to meet any other tourist you should give Rebbenesøye a try. The island is easy to reach with a 15 minutes ferry trip. You will have soon after your arrival a friendly conversation with one of the 46 island inhabitants. They are curious who makes it way so far out to their island. The camp spot is at a dead end of one of the two roads on the island. You can park the camper on the right or left side of the road. If you go down to the beach you have a great view towards Sommarøy and even further you can see Senja. On the beach you will find drift wood to make a fire. If you are brave enough, try a short swim in the ice cold Atlantic ocean, the beach is made for that. The small islands around this camp spot Måsvik are very popular by sea-kayak enthusiasts.

  • Remote place
  • Nice view towards Sommarøy & Senja
  • Private beach

Here you can find information about the island.

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Unnamed Road, 9140 Rebbenes, Norway

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