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Ferry connection between Vesterålen and Lofoten. Before the E10 was finished in 2008 also the only connection to northern part of Lofoten. You can choose, either you go with the ferry which will be a short cut or you drive all the way around the E10. The E10 is passing very impressive nature and will be an amazing drive, but also quit time consuming. If you come from Andenes this ferry connection will save you at least 2 hours, if you catch it right away. 

If you are coming or going to Tromsø we recommend to take the ferry when you are coming from the North and take the E10 back when come from South.

You can not make an reservation for this ferry, you will buy the tickets by entering the boat. You find the timetable here.

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Chr. Fredriksens gate 1, 8445 Melbu, Norway

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