Skibotndalen Troms

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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Accessibility: summer

If you go up or down the E8 to or from Skibotn you will find several great wild camp spots beside the road. Some of them are on a lake or wild river. We recommend this one because you have an amazing view into the valley of Skibotn. It seems that the other camp spots by the water are quite often occupied by big caravans. Mostly Norwegians fishing for salmon and trout. You will find a fireplace on the camp spot and also a small river is passing by. With clear skies you will have an amazing view when Northern Lights are active. Almost no rest light will pollute your view towards the sky. This wild camp spot is not accessible in winter time!

  • Fireplace
  • Amazing view into the valley
  • fresh water from the river
  • Northern Light spot
  • Not far to the border of Finnland


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E8, 9143 Skibotn, Norway

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