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How will the weather be (at that time at that place)?

Short: We have no idea ;-)

Longer Version: Yes, we get it - you would like to know, how the weather is going to be. We would like to know it, too. But just like you, we have no idea. We can check the weather forecast online and it might be just like that. Or not.

But we do know what is was like in the past years, for example in Tromsø.  Feel free to check the weather history of your travel destination at yr.no. Norway is in the north of Europe, so we do have a winter with lots of snow and little light (except northern lights, but that´s another story). Summer is pretty much the opposite. Lots of daylight (e.g. Lofoten) and no snow at all.

Road conditions in winter times

There will be snow. A lot. Especially in the north. That´s why our state highway authority takes care of that, so that we can drive to work and you can drive to your next travel destination. This is how they do it (Video). And our Campers will have winter tires, even spike tires in the north and we also offer 4-wheel-drive camper for this reason.

Too long, didn´t read: Snow in winter but no problem.