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Tromsø office

Ørneveien 9, 9015 Tromsø, Norway

Our Tromsø camper rental station is close to the Tromsø airport (TOS). A 5 minute drive or 30 minute walk and you will find us at Ørneveien 9 in Tromsø. If you would like to pick-up or drop-off your camper van at the airport or at any hotel in the city, just let us know in your booking.

Reaching Tromsø is easy. Their are several flights a day between Oslo and Tromsø (SAS - Flyr - Norwegian). You can also book flights direct from London to Tromsø with Norwegian. In winter the German airline Lufthansa is offering flights direct from Frankfurt to Tromsø. You can also come to Tromsø with the daily post boat Hurtigruten. It starts from the harbour of Bergen over Trondheim and is traveling all the way up to Tromsø. How ever you are planing your travel we can deliver your camper to the airport, the harbour or to your hotel in Tromsø city. Just let us know.

Tromsø is the capital of Northern Norway. You have many possibilties to shop groceries (open from 7-23), to buy alcohol at the government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer (check here for opening times). You will find a lot of Restaurants, Bars or Cafes in the city center of Tromsø. Also if you are looking for outdoor equipment or camping supply you have many possibilties. There is a petrol station at the airport and several in the city of Tromsø.

Arctic Campers Tromsø   Phone: +47 75 80 40 27
Ørneveien 9   E-Mail: rental@arcticcampers.no
9015 Tromsø   Contact person: Simon
Norway   Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:00